1. Our store does not collect any information automatically, except for the information contained in cookies.
2.Cookies are computer data, especially text files, that are stored on the End User’s Store and are intended for use on the Shop website. Cookies most often include the name of the web site from which they originate, their retention time on the end device, and a unique number.
3.Cookies and access to them are provided by the operator of the Dreamcatcher-pg.com store.
4.The purpose of using cookies is as follows:
-Customizing the contents of the Shop’s web pages to your preferences, especially those that allow you to recognize your Shopper’s device and display a web page tailored to your individual needs;
-Generate statistics to help you understand how Shop Users use your web pages,
5. Two types of cookies are used within the Store: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. “Session cookies” are temporary files that are stored on your end user’s device until you leave the website or turn off the software (web browser). “Permanent” cookies are stored in the user’s terminal for the time specified in the cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the User.
6. The following types of cookies are used in the Store:
-“Necessary” cookies that allow you to use the services available within the Store such as authenticating cookies used for services that require authentication within the Store;
-Secure cookies, for example, used for fraud detection within the Store;
-“Performance” cookies to collect information about how to use the Store’s web site;
-“Advertising” cookies, which provide advertisers with more customized content.
-“Functional” cookies that allow you to “memorize” user-selected settings and personalization of the user interface, such as the selected -language or region from which the User originates, the font size, the appearance of the website, etc .;
7. Often, web browser software allows cookies to be stored on the end user’s machine by default. The store user may change cookies policy settings at any time. In particular, these settings may be changed to block default cookies in your web browser settings, or to inform them of their inclusion in your Store User. For more details on how cookies are handled and how they are handled, see the software settings (web browser).
8. The Store Operator informs that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Shop website.
9. More information about cookies is available at www.saccessories.com or in the “Help” section of the web browser menu.