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At the beginning, I will point out that bamboo fiber is not only a good choice for eco-lifestyle fans. Probably not everyone is convinced that bamboo is biodegradable and recyclable. Many will not pay attention to the beneficial effects of bamboo on the environment, filtering more water and oxygen than trees. Not all of us are allergic and all allergic to them are indifferent. However, each of us likes exceptional things and good quality at an affordable price. That is why I think bamboo is a sensible choice for everyone.


Although bamboo in the textile industry has been known for hundreds of years, it is only the fashion of the EKO that has influenced its popularity. In China and Japan respectively braided bamboo fibers formed hats and shoes. In European fashion, bamboo was used as a structural component of the turnip, a kind of female racket in the second half of the 19th century.


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The remarkable advantage of bamboo is that there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers throughout the growing process. Bamboo contains a substance that acts as an antimicrobial agent, which gives the plant natural resistance to pests and fungi. You will admit that today it influences the uniqueness of this raw material. Bamboo fabrics are famous for their antimicrobial and fungicidal properties. It has even been proven that bamboo removes about 70% of bacteria from its surface! Most importantly, the properties of this bamboo does not lose even after 50 washings.

Koc bambusowy
Bamboo blanket

I loved the bamboo for its exceptional softness and delicacy for the skin. On cold days, winter mornings and evenings it is a real pleasure to cuddle up in a bamboo bathrobe, blanket or pillow …